Brazilian Crystal Stones

Seven different Stones available

Pink Quartz

Fundamental stone for the cardiac chakra. It is used to stimulate and open the chakra of the heart. This stone also harmonizes and smoothes muscle tension.

Green Quartz

The green quartz promotes healing to muscles and inner organs. This stone releases stress, balances emotions, and brings mental sharpness.


This stone helps with bone and joint problems; very useful for neck, sholder blades, and lower back pain.


Serpentine balances mood and bringings inner peace and harmony. It also helps to release energy blocks between chakras. This stone also is very useful to kidneys, stomach, pancreas, and is also used for allergies.


Calming and tranquility. Amethyst is a stone of high vibration; very potent against pain, headache, and insomnia.


This stone is very powerful in magnetic and electrical healing process. It opens the basic chakra and protects against negative energy. It also helps in the immune system and artrites.

White Quartz
with Tourmaline

The white quartz amplifies and balances the effects of the tourmaline which helps to resolve negative patterns. It also helps resolving conflicts and dissipates areas of confusion, rage, and fear.